Please print this form, fill in the information, and send to:

Texas Kennel Club Pet Memorial Fund

1515 Young Street
Dallas, TX  75201


My Gift To The T.K.C. Pet Memorial Fund

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Amount of Donation*_______________________
Name of Pet or Person to be Honored _______________________________
*(Minimum donation for book purchase, bookplate, and memory book plate is $25.00.  However, all gifts are appreciated and acknowledged.  The Library will make every effort to purchase the type of material you request, depending upon availability.  We appreciate your donation.)
I want My Donationt to be used:   Name of specific Library Location and Specific book if Desired

For Library materials about  
___ animals and their care   _____________________________
For children's materials _____________________________
___ about animals
Where the materials are
___ needed most _____________________________

Thank you.  We appreciate your donation.